Unlike the highly polarizing hip-hop legend and immensely successful entrepreneur Shawn Corey Carter (formerly Jay-Z), I will be introducing myself for the first time. Some of you may know of me, most of you may not. For those of you that do, it will likely stem from either a personal or working relationship of sorts, or from my ongoing contributions and thoughts on the Duke Blue Devils.

On a chilly Friday, February 27, I reached the decision (albeit not a difficult one), to chronicle my thoughts, continuous knowledge and predictions on one particular subject: the NCAA Tournament.

Bracketology, or Bracketography (for those of you that value region placement, much like the current NCAA Tournament selection committee).

As a one-man selection committee, which will not make any significant impact on the actual selection and seeding of the NCAA Tournament, I will seek to provide viewers and readers alike a steady volume of content and particulars of college basketball and March Madness.

Feel free to follow along, engage in discussion and share my content across social media or even standing around the water cooler from 9-to-5. You can also follow me on Twitter @CLykinsBlog.